Made by athletes, for athletes.

CERES (see·reez) is a fresh take on classic American Sportswear. It’s an expression of the modern athletic woman that was born of the desire to wear workout clothes that weren't synthetic. Before there was athleisure, it was just good 'ole gym clothes. That’s exactly what we’ve set out to do - reimagine athleisure. We’ve created a selection of breathable, timeless workout basics that your skin is longing for and you won't want to take off. Like your favorite worn-in sweatshirt that instantaneously brings you comfort wherever you may be — on the field, at the studio, on the court, or just hanging with your friends.

CERES is a platform to encourage movement, forward thinking,
and conscious decision making.

CERES was the Roman goddess of the harvest and represented the love a mother bears for her child. She was thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land, and for this was beloved for her service to mankind. The Romans had a common expression “fit for Ceres” which meant beautiful. At CERES we strive to uphold her standards of love for the earth and others by making responsible clothing that considers its impact on the environment and the people that make it and wear it. Sustainably and ethically made in California, using local fabric mills and factories. Our packaging is minimal using all recycled materials.  

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